"Soft touch" means matted varnish rubberized coating surface with tactile sensations, like a soft rubber. The soft touch coating is very common in various industries (electrical, car interiors), but also has become popular in design of cosmetic packaging, because it gives to the final product additional value and aesthetics.

Elastic coating not only feels good experience, but also serves as a kind of protection against wear and contamination. It is more hygienic compared to conventional plastic and able to withstand prolonged stress.

This decoration method is made when applying special composition on the bottles, which then solidifies on the surface. Soft touch is composed of matte polyurethane paint, which can be white or transparent, and hardener. To produce a colored coating special pigments are used. It may even smell. In this case a special flavour is added to composition.

The disadvantage of this coating is considered its susceptibility to scratches that may occur during use. Also, prolonged contact with hands may eventually leave dirty stains on the surface.

MZPU offers its customers colored soft-touch coating on plastic bottles.

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