Biodegradable plastic bottles

Boidegradable packaging and biodegradable bottles as a particular case has become one of the most popular and positive trends in the packaging market in recent years. The main advantages of bio packaging is its ability to decompose into harmless, and in some cases beneficial to the environment elements. A choice in favor of natural dyes, inks and additives for packaging’s decoration will become good contribution to the environmental situation in the world.

In our days, it’s being conducted a global research in the development of new alternative materials for the production of packaging that can replace over time, traditional polymeric materials.

The production of biodegradable bottles

Being a producer of plastic bottles, we do pay attention to the issue of packaging’s safety and aim our efforts towards the production of sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. As one of our achievements we can consider the receipt of the Certificate for use by our factory special additive d2w Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Technology. This ingredient is able to turn standard plastic bottles into biodegradable.

Certificate No. 1304009 was issued to Medynskiy Factory of Plastic Packaging by the British company Symphony environmental Ltd on the 11th April 2012.

Biodegradable plastic bottles wholesale

MZPU is a manufacturer of a wide range of plastic bottles with capacity from 100 to 1000 ml and presented several series of different shapes and configurations.

We offer wholesale biodegradable plastic bottles which are able to pass the process of biodegradation in about 5-7 years.

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