Packaging for household chemicals

The modern market of household domestic chemicals is developing dynamically, offering consumers a variety of solutions in the field of caring for home, garden and personal goods. This sub-sector of the chemical industry is divided into several major categories:

Packaging for non standard goods

The consumer goods market is steadily growing and entails increasing demand for high quality packaging. Manufacturers of various goods’ categories are searching for the pack and closures enable to meet the requirements of the new unique formulas.
As a producer of different kinds of empty plastic packaging we sell wholesale plastic bottles for shampoo and shower gel bottles in quantity. Our assortment of various shapes and volumes together with wide decoration options allow choosing and customizing proper item to fit your products.

Plastic bottles for cosmetics industry

Cosmetics and personal care products take considerable place on the market and presented by various items. Being a major producer of plastic packaging we realize and wholesale cosmetics bottles every month.

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