Plastic bottle manufacturer

Medynskiy Factory of Plastic Packaging (MZPU) is plastic bottles manufacturer. The plant was established in 2006 and since that time has passed an active and successful activity in the Russian market, satisfying the demand from various fields of the Beauty Industry and chemical industry.

We are manufacturers of bottles GOST R 51760-2011 and offer a wide range of packaging for cosmetics, personal care and household products.


Production of bottles is carried out on modern duo extrusion equipment of the last generation from the leading German manufacturer HESTA BLASFORMTECHNIK. Low power consumption and improved performance of our equipment make it possible to introduce modern technologies at the European level while maintaining a competitive price for the unit.

The flexibility of the production cycle allows us to make a party of 5 000 PCs. with a total output of 2 million PCs.

Decoration capabilities of plastic

As HDPE bottles manufacturer we try to do the best to offer full service. The main activities of MZPU are the production of plastic bottles and their further decoration immediately after blowing bottles with various methods. The main decorative methods we apply are: silk-screen printing, in run emboss and flat stamping; the production of bottles with color effects (gradient, measured bar), soft-touch cover and painting in mass.

Assortment of bottles

Our production of plastic bottles for cosmetics, personal care and household products offer manufacturers of these categories a large selection of different shapes and configurations, as well as a wide range of volumes suitable for the various requirements of the customer. Furthermore, we provide the construction of new bottles’ shape and products’ design, adapted to technological processes.

Quality control

On the factory we pass high quality control which is carried out according to ISO standards. Each unit is tested for various defects and errors. This allows guaranteeing high quality products in every batch production.

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