Orbis series is the most popular line of plastic bottles made by MZPU. It presents a wide size range from 100 to 1000 ml and allows manufacturers to produce different product lines in the same style.

ORBIS 100ml bottle ORBIS 100ml bottle
  • Volume, ml 100
  • Shape round
ORBIS 150ml bottle ORBIS 150ml bottle
  • Volume, ml 150
  • Shape round
ORBIS 190, 200 ml bottle ORBIS  190, 200 ml bottle
  • Volume, ml 200
  • Shape round
ORBIS 250ml bottle ORBIS  250ml bottle
  • Volume, ml 250
  • Shape round
ORBIS 300 ml bottle ORBIS 300 ml bottle
  • Volume, ml 300
  • Shape round
ORBIS 500ml bottle ORBIS 500ml bottle
  • Volume, ml 500
  • Shape round
ORBIS 1 liter bottle ORBIS 1 liter bottle
  • Volume, ml 1000
  • Shape round

All Orbis bottles have a circle at the base, but the general appearance of the packaging presents a rounded shape with a sloping rounded shoulders. This configuration looks attractive and aesthetic, but at the same time remains a classic standard packaging for a wide range of cosmetics, personal care products and household chemicals.

The visual attraction of plastic bottles along with an ergonomic shape make the Orbis series an ideal packaging solution for Beauty industry products. Wide selection of volumes (100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 and 1000 ml) allows the customer to choose the suitable size depending on the final products’ requirements. The standard neck is suitable for various closures, pumps and dispensing systems. Large volumes of 500 and 1000 ml are more suitable for household cleaning products. Wide range of colors available to paint the bottles, as well as various decorations’ options can help to create an individual product and to differentiate it among the number of similar goods.

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