HDPE bottles – from standard to customized

The main activity of MZPU is production of HDPE plastic bottles. Although key assortment of packaging is presented by polyethylene bottles, the plant also manufactures some bottles’ series from PP, PET analog.

On client’s request or depending on the physical characteristics of the product formulation, plastic bottles can be produced in accordance with the tasks and requirements. It can be more resistant to aggressive agents by mixing special additives in raw materials during production. It is also possible to change some of the physical parameters of the HDPE bottles, for example, wall’s thickness.

Assortment of bottles

MZPU offers HDPE bottles wholesale on the Russian territory and abroad as well.

Wide assortment and large volume’s range (from 50 to 1000 ml) will satisfy both small companies and big producers of different product’s categories.

Standard neck GCMI 24/410 and 28/410 allows to complete the bottles with variety of closures, caps, pumps and dispensing systems. The exception is the series Albico, which is designed to be equipped by foaming pumps.

HDPE and PP bottles can be a good packaging solution for cosmetics, personal care products, hair care, domestic chemistry, auto chemistry, cosmetics and veterinary for animals, etc.

Decoration abilities

Along with manufacturing we offer various techniques of decoration, such as colored bottles, silk screening, soft touch coating, hot stamping and other options: measuring strip line, pearl and metalized colors. For big producers it would be interesting to have full service in one place. Custom exclusive bottles are also possible.

HDPE plastic bottles wholesale

The plant MZPU invites manufacturers from different industries to cooperation. HDPE plastic bottles wholesale are available directly from the factory or through our partner – Cosmopack.

We pass high quality control ensuring European level of our products.

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