Silk screening printing is the most popular and common method of printing on different surfaces. Its popularity it has received thanks to its versatility and relatively low cost.

Screen printing can be used on different materials, on small flat areas and on large surfaces, on various three-dimensional forms and even finished products. By their nature, silk-screen printing is not a one-off process but a system of technologies, where it is necessary to think over every step. It involves a tensioning of the plate frames, choosing the right tissue, paint’s emulsification, drying, and selection of the applied layer of paint or ink and more.

In the case of plastic bottles screen printing is often chosen for company logos, inscriptions, patterns and images. Any configuration of the packaging, even the most ordinary, will be able to obtain its individuality and attractiveness after such decoration.

MZPU offers its services in the field of silk screen printing on plastic bottles of own production. The company's specialists have deep experience in screen printing process and help manufacturers of various personal care, cosmetics and household cleaning products, get quality printing on the packaging.

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