Albico foamer bottles

The series Albico is foaming bottles. The packaging of this series has special neck standard which is adapted to foaming pump.

Albico range is presented by round and oval shape bottles and offer volumes at 50, 75 and 150-160 ml.

ALBICO foamer 50 ALBICO foamer 50
  • Volume, ml 50
  • Shape round
ALBICO foamer 75 ALBICO foamer 75
  • Volume, ml 75
  • Shape round
ALBICO foamer 160 ALBICO foamer 160
  • Volume, ml 160
  • Shape round
ALBICO foamer 250 ALBICO foamer 250
  • Volume, ml 250
  • Shape oval

Application of plastic foamer bottles

Such are versatile packaging for many products’ categories, which at the time of application should be like foam. Bottles at this case have special foaming dispensing system that turns liquids to foam. Airy texture means better distributed on the skin and absorbs without leaving residue and surplus. The main "consumers" of this type of packaging has become different personal care products: bath and shower gels and lotions, styling mousses for hair bronzing and sunscreens.

Being a good and safe alternative to aerosol, plastic foamer bottle has been widely used for men's cosmetics – shaving foams and mousses. Recently also household chemicals, in particular the removers, can be found in the foamer packaging.

MZPU offers foamer bottles wholesale from our plant or through our agent Cosmopack. Also we assist in supplying all kinds of closures and dispensing system.

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