The popularity of plastic packaging for different categories of the cosmetic industry, personal care products, household and car chemicals caused not only its physical characteristics, but also the opportunities it offers in terms of decoration. By itself, the plastic is a whitish mass and original bottles in this version are suitable for ordinary means of chemicals, insecticides, adhesives.

Special pigments in HDPE

To create the original packaging is used various means of decoration, including the production of polyethylene bottles, colored in the mass. However, by themselves, painted bottles don't have a strong personality, if not supplemented with special visual effects. Such special cases are the effects of metallic, chameleon, pearl and others. MZPU offers a wide range of bottles, decorated with pigments.

Advantages of using of pigments in HDPE

Unlike conventional dyes, pigments possess some additional advantages.

First, they are visually distinguishable on the surface of the bottles and create obvious visual effects. In the case of pearl, this pearl iridescent nuances that emphasize the main color of the bottle. Pigment "chameleon" is able to cast different colors even on a black plastic surface. Pigments “metallic” have a clear metallic luster and give the packaging an extra gloss.

Secondly, the pigments have excellent indicators of quality and sustainability.

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