Double-layer bottles

Along with the production of standard packaging, the plant produces two-layer bottles. Advanced technologies together with equipment allow making plastic bottles with two layers. Such configuration has several advantages, both in terms of physical and chemical characteristics of the packaging and the optimization of expenses per unit.

Double-layer technologie

Double-layer bottle is a "packing in a packaging" whose inner layer is a standard bottle, while the external can be performed in various variants. It is possible to vary the wall thickness adapting the packaging to the requirements of particular product. The inner bottle can be produced in their original form or using cheap dyes, and as an external "wall paper" all the standard options of decoration is offered on the choice: a layer with the use of dyes, pigments or soft-touch.

“Soft-touch” is a special case of selection of the second layer. By itself, it demonstrates excellent performance in sustainability and hygiene, and also provides additional tactile sensation.


One of the important advantages of double-layer containers are elevated barrier properties and resistance to external factors such as ultraviolet light.

With regard to the issue of cost reduction; it is savings of the dye, which is achieved due to the thin outer layer. The selected dye or pigments can be stretched over the surface, reducing the amount of material per unit of output. This is particularly advantageous in the case of costly paints or pigments.

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