Printing with luminophore

Despite the fact that MZPU is presented on the packaging market not so long ago, the initial aim of the plant was the production of high-quality plastic bottles and the development of new decoration’s methods. Along with common methods of the final packaging decoration, such as screen printing, hot stamping and the soft-touch, technologist and designers tested non-standard ways of printing using the screen printing method.

Printing with glowing inks - luminophore

Among the latest achievements we offer printing with luminophore.

A phosphor is a substance that is able to luminesce, absorbing energy from the sun or lamplight. Printed with luminophore elements glow in the dark, giving the packaging a magical shimmering appearance. This method of decoration is widely applied in the packing for kids, and in the luxury cosmetics category.

Safety of the method

The big advantage of this method is its safety, which is definitive for the packaging of children's products.

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